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Here are some examples of how a simple black leather waist belt in matte or patent leather can make such a difference to an outfit. The ladies above use one to accessorise mini dresses and maxi dresses. They also vary from skinny (half an inch) to much wider (about 3 inches). The choice depends a lot on your outfit and your body shape.

Black Calf Hair Belt Band

Luxx London offers this simple but effective belt style in 2 sizes – 1inch and 2 inches. It can be worn with the rivet at the front or at at the back.

Black Patent Belt Band

Black Patent Secret Buckle Belt


kim k beltKim K tells Self readers: ‘Find the one part of your body that you love and accentuate it. ‘For example, because I have a small waist, a big butt and thin legs, belts work for me.’

‘You have to know what looks best on your body. Growing up I saw only skinny models and didn’t relate. Salma Hayek and Jennifer Lopez prove you can be curvy and proud!’

For the upcoming summer season, quite possibly the hottest trend is the recurrence of the fashion belt. For a while, belts were out, but for the last year their use has gone straight through the roof. No matter what kind of belt is your favorite, there is no doubt that every wardrobe could use a few more of these diverse elements of fashion.

There are four basic kinds of belts: skinny, jeans, wide and elastic. Each of them has different uses. The most popular belts right now are the skinny varieties because they can be added to virtually any outfit. If you have some tunics in your rotation, add a wide leather belt to your waist and your outfit will be given an instant facelift.

As far a jeans go, depending on where they sit on your waist, you can find the perfect black patent leather belt that can accentuate your hips and curves. Want to add a little extra flair? Try tucking that shirt in and adding a rose buckle wide belt to your jeans to really get the look down. Remember, when you are building your wardrobe, don’t forget the necessity of the black patent leather belt or the rose buckle wide belt. You will be able to do so much with them.

The other popular belt for summer is the skinny belt. This belt can be added just under your bosom to any dress or long shirt to create the very popular baby-doll look. Skinny belts come in so many fashionable colors so that you can accessorize like a pro.

As far as summer goes, belts are the hottest thing you can get your hands on. Let your imagination do the talking and make sure you are adding a belt a day to keep the fashion doctor away!

Today’s fashion trends for plus sized women now include many designer clothes for plus sized women. Clothing for plus sized women have given many plus sized women a variety of options for clothing and accessories in their workplace. No longer is there a limited choice of dresses and pantsuits for the working woman. Today, women who are plus size can readily show their fashion sense with ready-to-wear clothing right off the store rack.

This includes a pairing of a luxurious leather belt with suede pantsuits, dresses and even leather and suede jackets. This belt can be worn as a casual look or a dressy look. The sign of a waist belt for a plus sized woman signals the end of uninteresting and loose clothing options of yesterday’s fashions.

From casual to evening clothes, plus sized women have as many options with clothes for plus sized women, as the fashion industry moves to accommodate their desire in clothing. The endless array of clothes for plus sized women are a sign that designer and fashion mongrels have finally conceded the need for a reality check, when it comes to fashion in the real world.

Many of the clothes for plus sized women come with a waist belt up to an XL belt and an XXl belt. These belts are a welcome sight on clothing for plus sized women. Whether it is with a vinyl belt, leather belt, fabric belt or patent leather belt, plus sized women are proudly showing off their waists.

Plus sized women have learned where to wear a belt and how to wear a belt when it comes to fashion. Building a classic wardrobe with clothing for plus sized women for work, everyday or evening wear has become easier today than in the past. These women have also learned what belts and accessories can work to turn an inexpensive dress or pantsuit into expensive looking designer wear.

Every woman has a unique shape all of her own, and plus sized women are no different. Plus sized women who have that classic and curvy hourglass figure may opt to wear a thinner belt to draw attention to the curve of their waist. A wider belt may work with thinner clothes for plus sized women, yet with bulkier sweater dresses and knit skirts, a thinner belt really helps to set the shape of the waist.

Plus sized women who deal with a pear-shaped size can optimize their waist by wearing a XXL belt or XXl belt that fades into the color of their pantsuit, dress or skirt. This distracts from the waistline, yet it still shapes the waist gently and creates an appealing shape. Regardless of the size of the waist, many plus sized women opt for clothing for plus sized women which already include the belt. This helps to decide whether the wearer should accessorize with a belt and if so, the type of belt she should accessorize the clothing with.

Some fashion designers suggest that plus sized women wear a waist belt which has an eye-catching belt buckle. The idea is that the flashy and broader belt buckle will emphasize the smallest of curvatures a plus sized woman has in her waist. Other fashion experts suggest that the plus sized woman dress on her personality preferences and also let the mirror dictate her final choice of wearing a belt or not wearing a belt.

Many people are already looking forward in anticipation of the spring and summer trends. If you don’t already know, the trends for S/S greatly mirror economic times. Styles have become more conservative and simplistic, but are infused with a great wisdom that past seasons have lacked.

The colours that will dominate catwalk trends will be mostly nude or white. The cuts will be low, the waists will be high and the sky is the limit for accessories. The hottest element of the spring and summer agenda will be the handbag. Watch the stores. Soon you will see an influx of white and nude handbags that have the ability to be fashionable and functional all at the same time. These handbags will have the ability to go with all of the high street trends next season.

Whether you are looking for dresses, jeans or casual wear, the main idea of the popular trends is that they should be able to be mixed and matched. Gone are the days of the one top that goes with one pair of jeans and that’s all. Now, everything can be used together or separately, depending on the type of look you are seeking. And on top of all that, the belt is one of the most important elements. When you have a beautiful belt and you buy an equally beautiful handbag, you will be ready to hit the town with confidence.

Enjoy fashion!. You can build a wardrobe that is functional and affordable, as well as infused with the nudes and whites that dominate the season’s trends. Chances are you have a lot in your closet that will cross over and have the ability to work within the S/S trends. No matter what, remember that less is more this spring and summer.

Fashionistas everywhere are showing a bit of their wild side. One look toward fashion conscious television (fact and fiction alike) and anyone can see that animal prints are back with a vengeance. The world of designer fashion is taking a cue from Mother Nature herself.

When using animal prints as part of an ensemble, it’s easy to overdo it. It’s always easy to have too much of a good thing. This is where prominent accessories such as a handbag can play an important role. A zebra print handbag or a leopard print handbag set off a daring outfit or simple outfit. Some people think you must match the animal prints with the outfit. Although a leather trimmed zebra print handbag would be right at home with a black and white outfit, it doesn’t stop there. That’s a nice conservative look with animal prints.

An authentic fashion maven takes risks.

A leopard print handbag with leather handles is perfect pared with a daring red outfit or a mysterious black dress. A zebra print handbag will add a bit of wild flair to a bold suit. Animal prints can be matched with casual everyday clothing as well. A pair of skinny jeans worn with a red shirt, zebra print heels, and a zebra print handbag is a head-turning look. A leopard print handbag fits well with earth tone colours especially if it’s accessorised with same trims in leather. It is possible to match the leather handles of the bag to the other leather accessories.

Be daring and show the world your wild side with a special Luxx piece.

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